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Content Creator - D.C.

Washington D.C., DC, USA

Job Type:

Part Time

About the Role

Phavur is looking for a passionate individual who can strategize trendy content that reaches
customers. This individual will be focusing on strategy and viral video marketing that can reach thousands of individuals on instagram reels or tiktok. The individual must have social media experience and understand how trends work and how to make something viral. We are giving you the opportunity to go out of the box and understand marketing trends regarding food. This passionate individual will be focusing on the food business and will be creating content on food such as food reviews and more.


These are the kinds of videos we are looking for from this individual(s):

Must be in the Maryland, D.C., Virginia Area and be able to transport.

We are a creative transformation company that inspires, develops. and consults businesses. We currently also provide creative outlook on filming projects.

We have teams located in major cities such as LA, NYC, DC, and Austin. Our ongoing expansion efforts are bringing us to many other cities throughout the United States, enabling us to better serve our clients and create value for our partners.

We offer comprehensive support to our clients within their respective geographical areas through the collaborative efforts of our expert teams.

We have earned high ratings for both our exceptional services and our commitment to creating a positive work environment. Our projects not only provide valuable professional experience, but also afford ample opportunities for networking throughout various regions of the United States.

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