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Our approach to the Wisp Resorts project showcases our commitment to understanding our clients' needs and crafting unique strategies that resonate with their target audience. It's this tailored approach that sets us apart and ensures the success of our campaigns.


Create a video campaign that simplifies the game of golf and engages potential visitors.

The Challenge

Golf is often seen as a complex sport that can be daunting to beginners. The goal was to change this perception and make golf seem more approachable, thereby attracting a new audience to Wisp Resorts.

Our Strategy:

We decided to create a video that simplifies the game of golf. We wanted to highlight the fun and enjoyment of the game, rather than focusing solely on the rules and technicalities.


Our team created a simple yet engaging video that broke down the game of golf in a fun and easy-to-understand way. We used engaging visuals and simple language to explain the game, focusing on the enjoyment and relaxation that golf can offer.


The video was a success, resonating with Wisp Resorts' target audience. It helped demystify golf, making it more approachable and inviting to beginners and casual players. The campaign resulted in increased engagement and interest in the golf offerings at Wisp Resorts.

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