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As the story goes, there is usually a humble beginning to another great accomplishment. Gyro King has their grand opening for their 7th restaurant in the greater Houston area. Serving fresh juices, platters, and more!


1. Understanding the Brand:

We conducted extensive research to understand Gyro King's brand identity, values, and target audience. This formed the foundation of our strategy.

2. Concept Development:

Inspired by the vibrant atmosphere of the location, we proposed a music video-style promotion video that captured the energy and excitement of Gyro King's grand opening. The video would feature a mix of entertainment, showcasing not only the delicious food but also the local community and culture.

3. Storyboarding and Scripting:

Our team collaborated closely with Gyro King to develop a captivating storyboard and script that seamlessly integrated the restaurant's unique selling points and the grand opening event.

4. Production and Execution:

With a focus on high-quality production, we assembled a skilled team of videographers, choreographers, and actors to bring the concept to life. We carefully selected locations, props, and vehicles that reflected Gyro King's brand aesthetic and created an immersive experience.

5. Promotion and Distribution:

To maximize the reach of the music video, we implemented a multi-channel promotion strategy. We utilized social media platforms, local influencers, and targeted advertising to create a buzz and generate anticipation leading up to the grand opening.


1. Increased Brand Awareness:

The music video generated significant buzz on social media platforms, garnering thousands of views, likes, and shares. It created a strong brand presence for Gyro King's 7th location, increasing overall brand awareness in the local community.

2. Customer Engagement:

The unique approach of the music video captured the attention of potential customers and encouraged them to visit the grand opening event. Attendees were excited to be part of the vibrant atmosphere portrayed in the video.

3. Community Connection:

By showcasing local community elements, such as cars and cultural references, the music video resonated with the target audience and strengthened the bond between Gyro King and the community.

4. Positive Brand Perception:

The creativity and quality of the music video positioned Gyro King as an innovative and dynamic brand in the market. Customers associated Gyro King with an enjoyable and lively dining experience.

5. Business Growth:

The grand opening event attracted a significant number of new customers, resulting in increased foot traffic and sales for Gyro King's 7th location. The strategic combination of entertainment and showcasing the food offerings drove customer interest and loyalty.



Through our strategic approach and the creation of a music video-style promotion, we successfully amplified Gyro King's grand opening event, creating a memorable and engaging experience for customers. The music video garnered widespread attention, generating buzz and increasing brand awareness. As a result, Gyro King's 7th location experienced a surge in customer traffic and achieved their business objectives.

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